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Sunday, April 10, 2005

huis is sad... :((((((((((((((((((((((
dont like jc life.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


so happy ! :))
gold rocks.
thinking back abt how happy we were when we got our gold two yrs ago.
cried like mad.
im missing the choir days so much.
really no where is better than st nicks.
and being in st nicks choir.
miss all the dinner days.
doing all those crap during choir.
and going through the ups and downs together.
im an old girl now
so just let me talk about the good old days.
today was as usual a slackish day..
did rot in sch.
played carrom and decided its a darn boring game to injure ur finger.
didnt go for lit lect cos the LT was fullllll.
went for touch rug tryouts.
i miss the ball so much.
but it rained after half and hr.
and we were stuck at the specs stand!
which has no shelter back to the school.
teh coach didnt let me run back to sch first.
so we were all stcuk there.
i had to go off at 4!
and was stuck at the freaking palce in that thunderstorm.
ahhas. its really a STORM btw.
cold and wet.
and the great Kind KRYSTALs so sweet!
we borrowed an umbrella and she walked me to the canteen!
love her to bitttsss babeh!
hahas.and i rushed off to watch the sn choir syf performance!
darn. waited damn long for the cab and finally gt one but the ncle doesnt knw where it is!
he scolded me lahh.
and took damn longg!
was damn sad. when i reached SCH st nicks was already performing!
and i didnt hear a single thingg!!!
i was only allowed to go in when they end! ahhhh.. :((
but nvm they gt a gold anyway! :))
met pong wanj sim rong vince today!
we ate dinner tgt.
i really miss these peeps.
i miss st nicks.

anyhws im in 05A42!
its a nice class!
cant really say i love it but yupps.
the people are nice.
hope ill grow to like it more...
and hope ill learn to be a SAINT.
i wanna be a mugger.
i miss number 2.
i realised im qt random.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

induction programme tmr....
i dont wanna go to school.
scared. :((
miss ny.

my face is red now! sunburnt lahh.
ruu!! : i wanna be ur roti prata! ahahhas.
i love you! and thanks so much for always being with in these 3 mths!
i wld hve died without you really.
remember our frenzforever! ahahhas.
cheer up ya? all hope's not lost.
love ya sweetie.

Friday, March 25, 2005

diee lahh .
i miss ny so much.
heard all star on radio just nw and i felt so sad.
miss everyone!
and our class!
thats in pieces now. :(
qiaoying!! i heard u humming it !!
right now! hahas ayee.
i do it without knowing too!
i miss you too.
good friday today!
had four faith class gathering.
with a turn out of 1/4 of the class.
allright lahh.
catching up.
had lunch at cartel and bridged till dunno when.
all bridge addicts now!
listening to phantom of the opera now.
music really ahs an impact on me.
ahhhh! :((

move on darlingg.

Monday, March 21, 2005

huis is back and she's decided to scrape everything she said about ny.
i guess its always lyddat.
i've gotten used to it in a way.
acc ny isnt that bad.
the school's allright.
the people are quite nice.
but i cant help but say its still cheena lahh.
it is.
not all but most.
im really glad for my class though. :)
and this first three month thingy is coming to an end already.
think im gona sorta miss it.
everything that we did together
and of course everybody....

reluctantly walking into ny and being late on the first day of sch.
hating evrything during orientation.
with a what is this attitude.
crying on the first day of sch.
missing st nicks so badly!]
piles of art homework.
constant complaints about art.
and how the canteen food sucks.
coming to sch late almost everyday.
listening to tks's unreasonable stuff.
skipping to the lifts.
long talk about life at zijia's house.
piles of cards on the floor.
catching and pepsi cola outside students lounge.
class tee with the tiny 'nyjc' at the side.
and a huge 'ATKS' too
if you know what i mean.
04-32 sofa room.
doing an A3A cheer after pe every week.
ponning econs lectures for almost a month.
escape day!
leaving all the work to poor yy.
class bbq.
stayover at lynettes.
killing the freaking lizard.
leaving lit play quarterway to eat prata.
playing pool.
yy's thousand word essay abt life.
far east kfc.
freaky man.
flooding floors.

the PIG show!
standing out the class insisting that we shld nt have maths lessons.
conference calls till late night.
touch rugby!
we will not be defeated by pains and hardships!

drink mud play touch!
ouchrug sports bra that we never bought.
jiapei's constant mockings.
my waterbottle patrick.
annnddddd so much much more i cant even rememberr!

as we were saying our class went
from the bottom to the peak and down a little.
there was this period of time when we were really bonded!
and going out every single day before Os results.
but things sorta change after that.
i love you guys all the same! :)
and im so glad to have met all of you.

happy birthday ruyu! (yesterday)
happy birthday to me! :)

ayyee.. i knw i havent been blogging.
posting resultsss...... ://

gn meet up w flor kiat chengs and yan later! miss them!

Saturday, January 15, 2005

; sick.
wenta town tdy.
w mer rong flor and huiyi.
i bought stuff! ((:
hahas. and i miss all of them? :((
aikes. me and rong met up w mok pam baldwin and pams's fren for dinner.
electrico performed in cine! hahs.
oh no.
i have to repeat this but i miss all of them!
my noses like racing and my throats still tickling me!
i so refuse to start art. :((
identity and relationship.
dunno wad to draw! and its by mon.
everyone started on their tutorial hw too!
i havent? :( mms..
my life is boring lahhs.
passer by: hahs. who are you? acc i think ny aep is qt all right. aikes. come say hi to me if you knw me? (:
wanj! didnt get to see you off. take care dear.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

; im a st nics girl.
aikes i miss SN so much!
cant wait for sat to come to see everyone! :))
yepps. and catching up on the past week?
getting our classes nxt wk?
i hope me and ru will be in da same class cos we took da same combi?
aikes. dunno how im gn survive without her if we're in diff class.
we both gt into AEP!
at least it made us feel better from all their cheats.
todays orientation was qt fun.
omg. da hunk and babe thing was soooo funny!
there are acc some nice looking guys ard.
but yeah two of them dressed up as girls?
its erms? disturbing?
ahahhas. but its really funny.
ny is acc qt nice? but its just nt my type of place.
was talking to rong just nw.
i miss her?
and everyone else. :(((
aikes oh wells. im in choir already?
wanan join touch rug!
but if so ill have cca frm mon to fri! ://
passerby: cj has art. they just opened it this year and they have some of their lessons at la salle.which is damn cool? and i just found out after the posting? who are you btw? hi there.